Group sessions

I aim to improve communication skills and interaction levels, address anxiety, facilitate self-expression in a safe environment, develop coping techniques and help people gain insight through the planned use of music. Session activities can include:

  • Singing – supporting the group members to sing their favourite and most significant songs. Reminiscence, discussion and interacting with the other group members is encouraged. This is a very popular group with older adults.
  • Group improvisation – spontaneously creating music with each group member. Often allows the less vocal group members to have their turn.
  • Exercise groups – tailored exercises with appropriate music played live to accompany.
  • Drumming groups or circles – a type of group improvisation, using drums and set rhythms.
  • Song writing – from creating new lyrics to creating lyrics and melody for a group song, or, one for each group member.
  • Relaxation & imagery to music – enabling the group to use music and guided imagery to consciously relax and calm themselves.
  • Instrument playing – learning an instrument (like the ukulele) in a group setting.

Groups can be in person or online.

For more information please contact me.